A Unique Patented Design

What is The Swag?

The Swag is made from three different layers of 100% natural unseeded, unbleached cotton.
Keeps fruits and vegetables Fresh, Longer, Naturally.
The Best Reusable Produce Storage Bag!

What Is The Swag?

The Swag is a fruit and vegetable storage bag that is designed to keep produce fresh for so much longer! The Swag is unique because it can be used wet or dry, in or out of the refrigerator. The Swag eliminates the need for plastic storage bags, is machine washable and designed to last years. With The Swag you cut down food waste, save money, keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer while doing your part to help environment.
Fresher Longer Naturally

How Well Does The Swag Work?

In some instances fruits and vegetables will last weeks longer, particularly leafy greens that thrive in the fresh air and added humidity environment the Swag creates. The Swag works with most fruits and vegetable, check out our Information Guide for how to use The Swag for best results.
Patented Design*

How Does The Swag Work?

The Idea for The Swag came from my mom. She would wrap fruits and vegetables in either a dry or damp cotton towel to keep them fresh. I did the same for a long time, but towels dry quick, the wet towels come in direct contact with produce and they are not so great for storage . The Swag however; 1) Stays damp longer by storing moisture in the plush middle layer. 2) Keeps moisture away from direct contact with produce. 3) Promotes air flow and absorbed excess ethylene. Try it you will be amazed how well it works! I invented it and i'm still amazed.