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$44.99 + Sales Tax

Swag Produce Bags Set

The Swag Produce Bags Set includes the Small, Long and Large Swag Produce Bags.

The Swag is the best Reusable Produce Bag for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer, cutting down on food waste and eliminating the need for single use plastic shopping and storage bags.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
$49.99 + Sales Tax

The Swag Bundle

The Swag Bundle includes each of the Swag Produce Bags (Small, Long & Large) and The Grocery Shopping Bag.

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$109.99 + Sales Tax

Deluxe Bundle

The Swag Deluxe Bundle include 4 x Small- 2 x Long – 2 x Large & a Swag Shopping Bag.

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