Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled?

Since the last decades, the demand for paper has skyrocketed and the supply is on the edge of shortage sometimes. Reliable statistics have estimated that paper consumption will increase by at least 2 percent per year. A higher consumption means a higher expense for paper.

Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled

It is not difficult to realize that people should spare papers and reuse them to cut down the cost. In most offices, the one-side paper has been used for internal printing or drafting. Most managers constantly remind their staff about saving paper spirit. No matter how prospective your company is, there is no space for wasting.

One interesting fact is that used paper can be sold as well. This paper trash will be recycled for continuous use. The revenue of selling used paper is not high, but many a little makes a mickle. Paper manufacturers commit that the price for the used paper is good and their recycled papers reach the same quality as the origins.

If you pay a bit attention to selling used paper, you may notice that recycling paper manufacturers have brought shredded papers beside used papers that maintain the original sizes. Why are they doing that? In this article, we would like to answer your curiosity “Can shredded paper be recycled?

What is recycled paper?

Nowadays, humans tend to utilize every single resource and recycle it as much as possible. We do understand the regrettable consequences of overusing natural resources or wasting unrenewable materials. Known as the most recycled production, paper is supposed to be non-recyclable rubbish. A repeat circle of manufacturing, consuming, and recycling seems never to end for paper material.

Unlike other products, recycled paper has the same quality as new paper. We are sure that you could not distinguish which one is recycled paper when lying it beside a new one. Maybe that is the reason why the recycling paper industry is developing dramatically.

Overview of recycling paper process

Not being as complicated as your imagination, the recycling process of paper is very simple. The Recycling Guide which is one of the trustful blogs has described this process as the easiest recycling production ever. It is no surprise that the raw materials of recycled paper are used papers. They are collected from every home, office, and mostly from scrap facilities before being gathered in huge recycling bins at recycling centers.

The manufacturers are going to category these materials to divide them by types and used grades. Afterward, they clean all materials with soap water so that no inks, glues, and staples could have existed. Finishing preparation stage, recycling material will be transformed into paper slurry pulp. Based on processed materials, recycled paper is made and shaped according to production purposes.

Understanding more about shredded paper

Shredded paper is made by a paper shredder. It is a machine to terminate the paper into strips or fine particles. Many documents which are confidential and sensitive need to be destroyed after reading. Therefore, collecting used paper that includes shredded paper is unavoidable.

Can shredded paper be recycled?

Answering this question above shortly, it is yes. We can recycle shredded paper exactly as the same method as normal paper. However, it could not be denied that recycling shredded paper brings more challenges to recycling centers. If you think the shredded paper is a perfect recycling material so the recycling process might be much easier, you are wrong.

Breaking down the normal paper into tiny pieces causes serious troubles in the drying stage of the recycling process. Normally, recycling centers will spread out paper strands to dry them up after washing them in soap water. These strands should be long enough to stick on gigantic screens. That is the reason why a shredded paper with the shape is a very small paper piece is likely to pass through the drying screen and turn out a clumsy mess instead of recycling paper.

The hidden secret of recycling centers when facing shredded paper

As mentioned above, recycling centers are gathering used paper for recycling material. Following the common senses, the more used paper is collected, the more recycling materials are created. However, some sanitation workers admit that they do not enjoy these acquisitions.

Recycling centers hate the terrible mess that is caused by shredded papers. United used papers and dirty paper bags to letter the floor. Furthermore, the recycling process which includes multiple handy actions to separate less valuable shredded paper is also a nightmare for every recycling worker.

Once understanding these facts, we advise that you should tidy up your used paper before sending them to recycling bins. It is not a difficult task but brings back great values. Reducing double jobs for recycling centers helps the recycling process to be more optimal. In case you do not know clearly what to do with your shredded paper mess, please enter your local municipality website for detailed guidelines.

Handling your shredded paper effectively

Now you know that tossing shredded paper in trash bins is a very bad action. If you do it, you make a big mistake with both the recycling industry and the environment. For the recycling industry, recycling workers must struggle with tons of unsortable shredded paper. No machine is smart enough to do these manual tasks. As stated in the previous part, the shredded paper might not be recycled then end up their life under the landfills.

You could not calculate how much harm it may cause to our environment. The best countermeasure we can deploy at the moment is setting up an official rule for recycling shredded paper. We must contain the shredded paper in the right place that they belong to.

Accordingly, shredded paper should be contained in separate boxes. In case, the confidential content which needs to terminate does not take up all the paper area, you can shred the part including information only, the remaining parts might be stored in normal paper boxes. All collected papers have to be arranged neatly before delivering to recycling centers.

The government can deploy some penalties such as monetary fines, public labor, etc. for disobedient behaviors. All recycling activities and relating events should be published on local websites. Promoting recycled paper is not only an individual job but also the general mission of the community.

Frequently asked question-related to recycling shredded paper

Is the curbside collection available for the recycling shredded paper process?

A simple description for this method is that curbside collection is very convenient for busy people like you. A curbside recycling program is quite popular in some residential areas but not for all. Therefore, we are not sure of the actual situations where you live so that you might check it on your local recycling website first. If everything is okay, just bagging your shredded paper neatly then placing it in the front door or recycling bins. You are still in the progress of recycling shredded paper.

Should I compost shredded paper at home or not?

If you love gardening, you will probably know that shredded paper is good for the composting process. However, you should check these shredded papers carefully before including them as the main ingredient of your home-based compost. We are afraid of failures caused by some unwanted things. In the end, answering your great question, we would like to say “Yes”. Let’s do it as you wish.

How many states encourage recycling shredded paper?

It is really hard to give an exact number for this question. Currently, information security management í very important. Any private information is required to protect that shredding confidential files becomes a rule in every company. It is no doubt that the number of shredded paper supporters is uncountable so that recycling shredded paper is of utmost importance.

To sum up

It is the end of today’s article. We hope you have set up your mind about recycling shredded paper now. Let us know your interesting experiences after recycling shredded paper. It must be great! We are looking forward to receiving feedback from you!