Guide to Getting Compostable Straws

Compostable Straws

The food and beverage industry has explored extensively in recent years that lead to the development of single-use product manufacturing. Especially when modern selling methods like take away, car drop, etc. become popular. Sellers need these convenient products to deliver food and drink to their customers. The more demand the more supply that the single-use market has expanded dramatically. However, it is not good news for us due to serious environmental consequences this temporary utilize brings back.

Humans should pay more attention to the environment is not a strange slogan now. We do know that only fresh air and a clean planet could allow us to be healthy and grow sustainably. Therefore, many people say no to single-use production. They choose compostable items instead. A very common example of current consumer behavior is the change into compostable straws in most cafeterias and restaurants. What about using compostables at home? It’s not a bad idea either! In this article, we would like to provide some useful tips for hunting best-buy compostable straws!

What is compostable straw?

In the beginning, drinking straws hit the market under plastic form only. They are known as the most popular single-use products that at least a thousand straws are being thrown away per day by a human. No matter how many drinking straws are wasting, manufacturers do not want to let customers down either. They have produced massively to over-satisfy the market’s demand. Unfortunately, this success of plastic straws is also the reason raising environmental concerns that lead to the diversity of drinking straw formats later.

Nowadays, we have many different materials which are used to make drinking straws to protect the environment more. Silicon, metal, or even plants are dominant materials in straw manufacturing. They are reusable and less harmful to the environment. Back to our main character in this article, compostable straw, like other drinking straw, has the main utensil to carry the beverage to someone’s mouth but it is different from others.

Compostable straws are made from plant-based plastic which is also known as PLA material. Made by a renewable resource, compostable straw does not need 1000 years to decompose or biodegrade in our landfill. It means compostable straws have less poisoned our land and reduce environmental pollution. According to reliable research, compostable straw should be used for cold beverages. It does not mention that compostable straw is only for cold drinks only, but having plastic elements is not suitable for drinks with high temperatures.

The benefits of using compostable straws

Eco-friendly straw

As mentioned above, humans always desire a healthy life. In the end, you could not do anything if your habitat is ruined. Less plastic straws, more healthy life. This is the motto for every single restaurant and drinking shop. They serve customers faster and easier by letting them use single-use products while paying attention to environmental factors. Therefore, compostable straws are selected as the perfect solution for quick service.

A sustainable solution to satisfy customer concerns

Not only environmentalists care about plastic impacts on the environment, but many customers also mind about it. People aware a small action of consumption can lead to serious environmental consequences so they are very careful with this. Some writers admit that they were very embarrassed when customers asked about compostable straws. They felt like being accused of damaging the environment and being underestimated by their esteemed customers as well.

Company’ imagine and prestige

It is no doubt that serving compostable straws will make a good impression on customers. As a result, your business is going to receive more attention. This is not a common situation even when you throw money entirely into marketing campaigns and advertising. Sometimes, caring about society means you are getting benefits for yourself. A small change in the business like replacing the type of drinking straws can significantly enhance the company’s reputation.

Selecting the Best Compostable Straws

Reusable straws have gradually dominated the market. Which, compostable straws are only a buying option for anyone who cares about reusable drinking straws. What feature makes it different from the other solutions may be the question you are wondering. Solving this problem, we have investigated sales data of the best alternative straws now and put it on the scale. Let’s find out why we should invest in compostable straws.

1. Clear Glass Bent Straw – 4 Pack

Advantage: The very first product we would like to discuss has an elegant appearance. Every single straw is handmade but still ensures the same quality. Thanks to borosilicate glass material, Bent straws help to enjoy drinks better than plastic straws. Besides that, it is also easy to clean so that you can wash it by yourself or dishwasher instead. Many people are usually scared of carrying a glass item in person, but Bent Straw is truly guaranteed to resist breaking. For anyone who is concerned about quality certificates, this product has testing documents of BPA free as well.

Disadvantage: Clear Glass Bent Straw is not available for everyone, especially kids. It seems to be the best choice for officers, who are less commuting and appreciate individual consumerism. For outdoor workers, students, pupils, and children, using a glass straw can be dangerous, not to mention cleaning straws is also a difficult task for them.

2. Organic Bamboo Straws

Advantage: You can find it at every Walmart which is in a set of 8 straws inside with a cleaning brush as an attachment. This drinking straw is 100 percent of nature so that customers do not need to worry about any chemical component being included. The bamboo material is biodegradable and sustainable enough for long use. Many customers have feedback that they are very satisfied with these reusable drinking straws so that these purchases will not be made only several times.

Disadvantage: The bamboo straw may affect the taste of some drinks. You should consider carefully carrying bamboo straws in outdoor activities or picnics where you can have difficulty in cleaning and rinsing your straws. There is an important notice for using bamboo straws at home, you should never leave them in a dishwasher.

3. Slender Silicone Drinking Straws

Advantage: No plastic, no rubber, no chemical toxic, and BPA free are outstanding features that customers share about their amazing experiences with these drinking straws. As revealed in its name, the Slender straws are made from special silicone named food-grade. This material offers great durability that it must be hard to tear off. Besides that, Slender Straws have passed all quality tests to prove that it is suitable for all users even kids or toddlers.

Disadvantage: These drinking straws are quite expensive. Although the price deserves the wonderful features, many customers do not appreciate it as the very first choice at all.

4. Assorted Organic Bamboo straws

Advantage: Despite being another option for bamboo straw, this product has many different points from the Organic Bamboo Straws above. First, it is about the packaging, Assorted contains 10 straws in a set instead of 8. Each straw is 8 inches in length and has 3 widths so that you can easily adjust your straws to match with your cup, thermos, bottle, etc. Second, Assorted is truly stronger and more natural. It contains no ink, no bleach, no dyes, and has a similar color to natural bamboo. Last but not least, you could not ignore the coconut fiber brush including the package. This is truly a best friend in cleaning tasks.

Disadvantage: Assorted Organic Bamboo straw is usually out of stock and has many counterfeiting in the market now. If you want to try it, follow the supplier website intensely!

5. Rainbow Strip Biodegradable Paper Straws

Advantage: This is the best visual of drinking straws. Simple, colorful, and cheap are 3 words when describing this product. Although the straws are made of paper, they will not be torn down even standing in liquid for a long time. These rainbow straws may be included in other interesting tasks like decoration or assembly simulation. The final convincing reason is the price. It is truly a good deal to buy multiple times!

Disadvantage: One Rainbow Strip paper has 200 packs of paper straws. Therefore, you might use it wastefully. Storing is another problem since the straw can be deformed when over stuff.

6. Reusable Metal Drinking Straw Set

Advantage: Metal straws allow you to enjoy drinks at any temperature. The manufacturer strongly committed that you would never taste or smell metallic flavor when using it. Made from stainless steel, these straws are truly unbreakable. The life of a metal drinking straw is measured in years rather than frequency of use. Concerning cleaning action, you can leave it in the dishwasher without worrying it is transformed or metabolic besides washing it as usual.

Disadvantage: The size range is not very varied. It is usually around 0.25 inches only so that users may have struggled when trying thick drinks like smoothies or nuts blenders. We have seen a lot of comments complaining that a metal drinking straw is only right for liquid drinks like cocktails and juices.

7. Plant-Based Compostable Straw

Advantage: Overcoming all disadvantages of the previous items, this compostable straw is truly the best deal ever. Materials are purely from nature so that you have never worried about toxic ingredients harming your health. Each pack contains 200 compostable drinking straws which are sold at a very reasonable price. Therefore, you can use it in high quantities for both home and business.

Plant-based compostable straw is supposed not to be a reusable straw, but it does not cause environmental issues as much as plastic straws. You can throw compostable straws away after a single-use. Thanks to plant-based biodegradable material, the disposal of these straws still ensures a friendly environment.

Flexile is one more great point of compostable straws. You can drink even when lying on the bed or sitting on the sofa. Compostable straw is bendable so that disabled people can use it as well.

If you want to buy compostable straws, just pass by any grocery store or supermarket. In case you would like to receive some discount, let go to the Walmart system. It is the best idea to get 4% cashback from your purchase.

Disadvantage: You cannot dispose of plant-based compostable straws in your garden or backyard. These used straws should be delivered to collection places to be composted.

To sum up

In most cases, you can control what kind of straw for drinking. We understand that it is not a big deal, however many a little makes a mickle. Stop using plastic straws is the easiest way to protect our planet. Compostable straw is a fantastic alternative for them. If you feel this article useful, please share it with your friends and family. We are also willing to hear your good experiences when using compostable straws. Please let us know your kind feedback!