What is Recycled Leather

The incredible success of the action movie has led to the explosion of leather jackets. Audiences are willing to pay to keep up with fashion trends like famous characters. It is no doubt that the leather industry should have a special thank for entertainers who contribute to the kingdom of leather material. So far, the leather industry has been attended and expanded dramatically. The beauty of leather is recognized and used to make more interesting things than a leather jacket only.

What is Recycled Leather

Taking a deeper investigation on the amazing leather, we do know that the real leather which is also as known as vegan leather is very expensive and is not eco-friendly at all. What are you going to do with a frayed leather jacket? Will you throw your leather sofa away when it is old? Yes, it truly is a tough decision for these costly investments. This is the reasonable background for the appearance of recycled leather which is supposed to be cheaper and more friendly with our fragile environment. In this article, we are going to clear the hottest search now “What is recycled leather?”


The leather industry is one of the most wasteful manufactures. Furthermore, it causes serious warnings to our environment such as wasting water, poisoning the air, and contaminating the ground. Some reliable surveys show that 50 percent of initial materials could not be found on leather finished goods. A complicated process has been created to turn raw leather into a versatile material that is available for multiple production purposes. In which, manufacturers have no choice except for toxic chemical components.

As a result, these poisoners gradually destroy our planet. This story of vegan leather reveals regrettable consequences of our consuming habitat. However, the demand for leather seems never to go down. The more prospective life, the more leather uses.

Recycled leather

Recycling leather or reusing leather is a breakthrough solution for now. A lady bag can be made from an old leather sofa. One leather coat can be transformed into five zipper pulls, etc. They are common examples of our constant efforts to reduce the use of vegan leather.

Being exactly as its name, recycled leather is old leather collected from old garments, old-fashioned shoes, and retired furniture. After gathering these materials, makers will mulch them into shreds then mix them with residues products. The remaining actions include glue and shape the shreds. Once recycled leather is finished, it could not be treated to recycle again. A standard recycled leather must ensure they look and feel like vegan leather but at a lower cost.

Recycled leather vs Repurposed leather

Admit it, you are overloaded by huge amounts of information about the leather world whenever trying to research about it. The diversity of leathers may distract you from the original target – recycled leather. The most outstanding issue raised from our survey on “How much do you understand about recycled leather?” showed that people are misunderstanding and confusing between recycled leather and repurposed leather.


Both recycled leather and repurposed leather are not vegan leather. Using recycled leather or repurposed leather is a workable solution to cut down the skyrocketing demand for raw leather. They are cheaper, more eco-friend and most popular recently. Causing less harm to the environment, both of them are heavily welcomed by everyone.


As mentioned above, recycled leather has its characteristics. Recycled leather is collected directly from tanneries and leather manufacturers. On the other hand, repurposed leather is gathered from second hand stores or thrift shops. Therefore, using repurposed leather does not support the leather industry. Some leather brands have used those terms interchangeably so that it is critical not to misunderstand between recycled leather and repurposed leather.


Worth investment on recycled leather

Using leather items brings a high fashion style. Many fashionistas, bloggers, actors, singers, stars, choose leather outfits in big events. One leather jacket can level up your street style much and be easy to match with many different styles. That is why the fashion industry is always in a rush for leather products.

What’s more? We must refer to furniture and interior home designation as well. There is no surprise that a leather sofa brings back a glamorous and luxurious feeling for your living room. Furthermore, a leather product has an incredible life that you cannot wait for its out of order to change to a new one.


A practical environmental protection method

It is really difficult to reconcile personal habits with community goals. Protecting the environment is an important task that affects much of human consuming behaviors. Therefore, using recycled leather may be a significant solution to satisfy your fashion interest besides ensuring the general issue.

As you may know, non-biodegradable fabrics can take nearly bicentennial years to discard entirely. That leads to negative impacts on our environment than harm to humans in the final. If you truly care about the environment, you must know how much this action – using recycled leather instead of traditional leather – improves your eco-friendly footprint.

Top picked recycled leather brand

Understanding the pros and cons of using recycled leather items, you may wonder which brand is reliable. It is our great interest and responsibility to research further into the best manufacturers of recycled leather to prevent regrettable experiences for you. Let’s check what we have found out!

Amazing LOOPTWORKS who turns seats into elegant handbags

Relating interior furniture designation, you may be impressed by the success of Southwest Airlines. They have refreshed 80,000 seats on their aircraft. The new seat is made from recycled leather which is supposed to be more sustainable and lighter weight. This revolution in interior furniture helped to reduce 600 pounds for each flight. Southwest Airlines is very happy to reveal that they need less fuel to optimize their business. In the end, they can even repurpose the leather seat into elegant handbags as well. It is true to conclude that greener flight is a great idea for all airlines.

Sustainably sourced jackets of WOLF AND LAMB

Wolf & Lamp has never decreased its hot. Being popular with luxury jackets, this brand is at the peak of the leather industry. You could not count how many times this brand has been praised on the top search and other fashion magazines. Each jacket from Wolf & Lamp is not recycled anymore. It is reborn with a unique style that makes all imperfections perfect to satisfy customers. Not having big outlets on noisy streets, Wolf & Lamp has some small quantities in Los Angeles. However, the quiet downtown seems not to affect the quality and brand identity of the famous Wolf & Lamp.

Incredible recycled leather jewelry from the TEO GEO brand

Coming up with fabulous clothes, accessories are must-have items in the fashion industry. It is true to say that leather jewelry plays an important role in expressing people’s personalities. The fashion cycle can go up and down so frequently but it always has a stable space for leather jewelry. This iconic product has never lost attention. The Teo Geo brand is doing well to become the pioneer in this area. All products are ensured to be modern, unique, glamorous, and diverse for your selections. Even if you are a harsh customer, you must be satisfied by the Teo Geo finally.

The dream to the rebirth fashion industry of the DEADWOOD

Deadstock skins, repurposed leather, upcycled wasting products are the main sources of Deadwood’s leather. For a couple of decades, Deadwood has gradually influenced our thoughts about fashion. They build up by rebooting iconic styles that cannot be replaced by anyone else. Their products have warm massages combining with a strong vintage soul. Many superstars and fashionistas admit that they have been inspired by Deadwood’s spirit that vegan leather is no longer attractive. It is the era of recycled leather!

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